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Citronella Outdoor Patio Jumbo Incense Sticks 8 Pack

Barmaid Soap Company

Citronella Outdoor Patio Jumbo Incense Sticks 8 Pack

$ 14.00

Citronella provides natural protection for your yard! No synthetic chemical sprays needed!
Essential Oils of Citronella, mint, basil, lavender, clary sage and more are all effective when used as a blend against pests! 
These sticks burn from 1 1/2 - 3 hours, depending on wind. The windier it is the faster they burn.
These are a must-have for all organic gardeners, especially during the dog days of summer, and late spring into fall when bugs, rain, and humidity can definitely do damage to your precious crops and flowers, not to mention the damage these critters can cause to your skin (and your dogs too!) while they munch on you.
They work great if stuck in a pot on the patio while sitting and enjoying a nice mosquito-free evening.

You will receive 8 Extra Large Incense Sticks. Burn them when it is not raining, or if you are not expecting rain that day for best results. Sticks are made fresh when you order.
The wind plays a big part in how long these sticks will burn, generally the windier it is the faster they will burn down.
For smaller gardens or areas, you can burn it halfway and put it out (turn upside down in the dirt to be safe) to save for another time, just be sure it is truly out!
These sticks are approx. 19 inches long.

If ordered with other products, they will ship separately in a large bubble envelope.

Definitely NOT intended for indoor use! Supervise children and pets!
Works great when you are camping, BBQing, or just relaxing in the backyard! I have quite a following for these sticks now!

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