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Barmaid Intense Cream Lotion- Sleepytime

$ 16.00

If you love Lavender, Vanilla, and just a touch of earthy patchouli you will go crazy for this amazing lotion! Not only will it leave your skin so soft and smooth, but it absorbs completely, and is a soothing treat for your mind as well! The scent is very soothing and gentle, but it will not put you to sleep during the day!! Kids love this lotion too, and it is perfect for all! 

Our lotions have been crazy popular for years, but we never had enough left over to list any online! Those days are gone! With scents like Pumpkin Muffins, Sleepy-Time, and Nag Champa, Fresh Leather and Mystery Man, you had better get yours now! Bottle may be different than what is pictured. See message below.

Your skin will love the ingredients of the lotion! You will love the fragrances!  

Made by hand in small batches with the finest oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils, our lotions were created with one thing in mind, you! We have no need for pre-made lotion bases around here! Please see the picture of the lotion ingredients! You will be amazed!

Due to global shortages of pump bottles, you may receive your lotion in a bottle that is a different color, or a squeezable bottle. I apologize for the difference. I hope to be able to restock the regular bottles by next year. When purchasing, I assume that you read and understand this.

8 oz. bottle

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