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Activated Charcoal Facial Bar

$ 6.50

Your face needs special care, and we recommend our unscented activated charcoal soap for all skin types! Activated Charcoal is an amazing ingredient that acts as a magnet and pulls toxins from the skin. With daily use, you should see results quickly! This soap is made with Olive Oil and some amazing ingredients like babassu oil, which is prized for being emollient on dry AND oily skin complexions. It also contains cocoa butter which is renowned as a skincare butter, it also adds a small amount fragrance to the unscented soap. This soap also makes a fabulous body bar for acne-prone skin as well as all other skin types. It also contains Jojoba oil,  Aloe, and Oat extracts for their numerous properties!

Approx. 4 oz

This is a great soap for teenagers! We hear it also works very well for those who are prone to razor burn, bumps and rashes after shaving!

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Ingredients: water, olive oil, babassu oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, palm oil (rspo certified), sunflower oil, oat extract, aloe extract, jojoba oil, activated charcoal, meadowfoam oil.

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